Angular Days 2016 in Berlin – A Recap

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Every month there is something new in the JavaScript world, some new fancy technologies, which might be the next great thing. It’s important to get the latest knowledge of the web development.
Otherwise you will be obsolete after some years. To prevent you from this, the Angular Days are perfect. You will get in touch with a lot of new technologies. You can talk with a lot of experienced people and can share experience with other developers as well. If you was not there this year, you should go for it next year. Otherwise you will miss something important.

A lot of web developers from across all branches and with different experience levels came together for 3 days to learn and discuss the latest trends about web technology in the RAMADA Hotel at Alexanderplatz in Berlin. It was not just one, but three conferences taking place there: JavaScript Days, AngularJS Days and HTML5 Days. Each one with plenty of interesting workshops to choose from.

You can choose what you like

The participants of the conferences had a choice of two out of ten speeches each day. Four talks about JavaScript, four about AngularJS and two about HTML5. Quite a big plate to choose from. There were also workshops and they were mostly split into two parts, but we were free to switch anytime.

One could say that everything was perfectly planned with one exception: WiFi internet access. The internet connection didn’t work at all for the first two days. Quite funny for a web focused conference taking place in a capital city, but we managed to help ourselves with some USB-Sticks and 4G networks.

Angular Days 2016 Berlin Avarteq
Angular Days 2016 Berlin Avarteq
Angular Days 2016 Berlin Avarteq
Angular Days 2016 Berlin Avarteq

Day 1 – the First one of Three

An Introduction to Angular 2

We started with an introduction to the concepts of Angular 2.
By the way, Angular 2 is completely different to AngularJS. They changed a lot of things
under the hood, especially the syntax is completely different. Now you can use TypeScript to develop your apps. In the break we had a lot of coffee and breakfast.

After that we got some code challenges to do. We sat together with some other attendees of the conference and cooperated to get rid of the issues. We built a small app with some animations and showed the current cursor position on the web page. We asked some question and had a short discussion about them. Afterwards it was time for lunch.

Thanks to Sascha Brink and Robin Böhm for this really good introduction to Angular 2.

Node.js – Architecture and Best Practices

After the lunch and with a full stomach we went to the talk about Node.js – Architecture and Best Practices. Sebastian Springer presented this session. He showed us a lot of interesting tools to increase our developing skills with Node.js. A very interesting tool was pm2, a production process manager for Node.js applications with a built-in load balancer.

Day 2

Introduction to hybrid development with Ionic 2

In the morning we started with an introduction to Ionic 2. Aaron Czichon and Bengt Weiße held this talk. Topics were the concepts of Ionic 2 and Angular 2 and the interaction with Apache Cordova. After the talk ended, we started building our first Ionic 2 application.

Ionic is a very cool tool to build mobile application only with HTML, CSS and Angular.

Ionic is a very cool tool to build mobile application only with HTML, CSS and Angular. You can run the apps on iOS, Android and Windows Phone with the same code base. It was very powerful in the first version but the second version is even more powerful!
We added some basic elements to our Ionic 2 app and understood the new concepts of Ionic 2. They explained the new NavController, with which you can easily navigate in your app: you just push and remove the views from it to navigate.

Progressive web apps

Christian Weyer presented this talk. He is the executive and the principal Consultant of Thinktecture and talked about the future of web apps and native apps. The Apple app store and the current app situation. He gave an introduction what progressive web apps are and what the future will bring.

Christian also mentioned interesting topics like: Fetch, Service Worker, Cache API, Push API and Web App Manifest. Service Worker for example are really interesting and can help a lot for Progressive web apps. You can learn more about them here.

Day 3

Develop native mobile apps with Angular2 and NativeScript

This course was presented by Sebastian Witalec and Julian Steiner. They gave us an introduction to NativeScript. How you can write native mobile apps but without a native programming language. Only with Angular, HTML and CSS. It is compiled to native code.

We all started with our first NativeScript App, we built a simple picture app with some native animations. At the end a contest took place with the chance to win a robot, it is possible to develop software for the robot with NativeScript. Unfortunately none of us won it 🙁 .

Growing Angular 2 applications under control – Best Practices and Style Guide

Bengt Weiße and Elmar Burke presented this talk. They have the mission to clean up space from bad code. Therefore, they brought an example project with bad code with them. We had the chance to work together to clean up the code. They also showed us how to write nice good code and how to prevent bad code. After the talk, everybody had a clean code base on his computer.


Again a very interesting conference, like last year, a lot of interesting talk about Angular 2, JavaScript and HTML5. New technologies and no internet. So basically, the same procedure as last year. JavaScript is getting bigger and bigger and it is one of the top developing languages for the world wide web. But it is also coming to our mobile devices with Ionic 2 and to our desktop computers, as well.

On the conference you learn a lot about new technologies for the web and also for mobile applications based on web technologies. It was 3 funny days with a lot of knowledge, free beer and even more food.

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