Kanban – Extreme improvements in five quarters

Graphic about prioritization Kanban

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Let’s take a moment to visualise the success. Hard, isn’t it? In order to do such thing, David J. Anderson gives us a helping hand and writes about the real-life example. The story of Dragos Dumitru will show us how to follow the path of Kanban method and shift from the worst to one of the best teams in the Microsoft group. (more…)

Kanban – A Recipe for Success

Kanban - A recipe for successThe main steps to succeed with Kanban

Carrying on our Kanban series, let’s now focus on the recipe for success of Kanban and the included focusing steps.

With the approach of Kanban we can change the process of our workflow. Our experience by using it gives us the opportunity to train new employees in working with the Kanban process faster. (more…)

The Kanban Method

Kanban Method Header Graphic

What is the Kanban Method?

As an introductory example, Anderson writes in his book “Kanban – Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business” about a visit to the Imperial Palace Gardens. When he enters the gardens, he receives a card that he hands back when he leaves the garden. No money transfer involved. Anderson wonders what such a procedure is all about. After a while, he realizes that the Imperial Palace Gardens uses a Kanban system. (more…)

The Ultimate Kanban series – The Cheat Sheet

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As announced we want to introduce our Kanban Cheat Sheet, before we start with the blog post series about Kanban. The Kanban Cheat Sheet is an individual collection of all important information and rules around this system.
We want to explain the details of the Cheat Sheet to you and subsequently we begin with our Kanban series. (more…)

The Ultimate Kanban Series – An Introduction

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