AngularJS – A Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework

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AngularJS is an open source JavaScript Framework from Google used to write web applications. It is a great tool to structure a single page application, in which all needed data is loaded dynamically. But you can use it just as well for small parts of your app. Its concept is often viewed as MVW (Model View Whatever), although it provides functionality to serve as a typical MVC (Model View Controller) framework as well. Its strength lies especially in making HTML more expressive and readable. (more…)

Back to the Future at the AngularJS Days

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JavaScript is everywhere and it’s gotten more important than ever. Technologies like AngularJS are not just trendsetters but they are conquering the web by storm. It’s hard to keep track with such a rapid development, but fortunately there are conferences like the AngularJS Days to keep you up to date with the future. It was already the second conference by S&S Media Group about AngularJS, this time held in Berlin, on the 5th-7th October 2015. (more…)

Why you should go to HybridConf at least once before you turn 30

Logo of HybridConfHybridConf, (or simply Hybrid) is a conference focused on design, tech and business, organized annually by Zach Inglis and Laura Sanders. Hybrid takes place in a different place every year — in 2013 it was Cardiff, in 2014 — Stockholm and this year — Dublin. It is an unique conference: Hybrids’ mission is to inspire young generation of entrepreneurs with interesting stories and case studies, more than technical excellence and tips on workshop techniques.