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Angular Days 2016 in Berlin – A Recap

Every month there is something new in the JavaScript world, some new fancy technologies, which might be the next great thing. It’s important to get the latest knowledge of the web development. Otherwise you will be obsolete after some years.

AngularJS Controllers and Directives

General structure of an AngularJS app The fastest way to include AngularJS is to simply add the “ng-app” directive (we will cover the meaning of the word “directive” soon) to the HTML tag and the minified JavaScript file of AngularJS to your page.

Lodash – JavaScript Utility at its Finest

Yet another JavaScript library? That’s what I thought when I first heard about it. The internet is already filled with so many useful JavaScript libraries, why bother with another one? Well, using it changed my mind very quickly. 

Angular Material the powerful UI-KIT for AngularJS

What is Angular Material? Angular Material is an UI-Kit used for implementing the Material Design into web application. It’s based on the android style but it can be used for both, web and mobile applications. The UI-Kit offers you a set of reusable, well-tested, and accessible UI components.

Back to the Future at the AngularJS Days

JavaScript is everywhere and it’s gotten more important than ever. Technologies like AngularJS are not just trendsetters but they are conquering the web by storm. It’s hard to keep track with such a rapid development, but fortunately there are conferences like the AngularJS Days to keep you up to date with the future. It was already… Read more »