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Kanban – Classes of Service and why you should use them

What are classes of service? Classes of service divides tasks in different aspects. Every kind of work can be classified. Some tasks get solved if you code a requirements, others will be solved by migrating data or exporting them into an specific format. Different kinds of work also have  different priorities to each other. So,… Read more »

Kanban – Set a pace for the input

Pace the inputs and reduce their transaction costs The coordination of the prioritisation of the tasks in a project may involve many parties: the development team, which is obvious in our case, but also sales, marketing, finance, external partners and so on.

Kanban – Establish a Delivery Rhythm

Introduction A continuous delivery rhythm is a very popular and important factor in agile software development projects. Most of the development methods (such as SCRUM) use fixed delivery rhythms (so called “iterations”) of two weeks or so.

How to coordinate with Kanban

Run Effective Standups around Kanban Kanban – Best practices The most obvious practice to coordinate your team is to use the physical Kanban board itself. WIP limits and visual information (service class, due date, …) will help to indicate whether new tasks can be pulled and what tasks to pull. An alternative or addition to… Read more »

Kanban – Visualizing the value chain

Introduction In this article let me give you some tips on visualizing the value chain of the workflow using Kanban. In order to do so, we have to keep in mind that Kanban does not seek to install a new workflow, neither does it change job titles, roles, responsibilities or specific work practices.