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Zukunft PersonalHR Conference Header How I conquered the European Human Resources hot spot

Last month I spontaneously visited the HR conference “Zukunft Personal 2016“ in Cologne, which is regarded as one of the most innovative Human Resources conferences in Europe. More than 730 exhibitors and 16.000 visitors in three days – and I was in the thick of things. I visited the conference on its last day.

Step 1: Become acquainted

As soon as the day broke, the journey began – a lot of exhibitors and lectures were waiting for me. The first obstacle was to find the right panel where I wanted to attend the first lecture. I made it just in time and listened to Friedbert Gay, CEO of persolog, who talked about strengths and weaknesses in a company, especially regarding company values, which are an important and guiding power of a company’s culture. After this talk, I started my tour to gather first impressions.

Step 2: Assign the priorities – Recruiting first

The conference was divided into four parts which were spread over four areas: Recruiting, HR Software, HR Services, as well as further Training and Coaching. I decided to have a closer look at the exhibitors in the recruiting area – a big and very important topic in our company at the moment. I talked to a lot of different vendors like Stackoverflow or Regio Jobanzeiger, collected information from them and made a lot of new contacts. We will see what will bear fruits best. All in all, this area was very informative and showed me new possibilities for our recruiting as well as deepened existing knowledge.

Step 3: Area HR Software – Here I come

The next step was a lecture about feedback and using performance reviews as a driver for employee performance. This lecture was held by Thomas Lorenz, executive board member of A-M-T Management Performance AG (www.a-m-t.de). To get a deeper insight and keep in mind, what he was talking about, each attendee even got a book (“Sprach-Führer zum Erfolg – Thomas Lorenz & Stefan Oppitz”) with all information about the lecture.
After this lecture I decided to have a closer look at the HR Software area. I wanted to know which possibilities there are to gather all information about each employee in one place – in an easy and manageable way as a digital personnel file. Here, too, a lot of exhibitors explained plenty of possible solutions to me (e.g. Hamburger Software, Perbit Software GmbH or Sage). Surely, not each solution matches our company, but some can be kept in mind for the future.

Step 4: Exploring the future HR workplace

In the afternoon I attended two more lectures. One about tax compliance and one about employee contracts. Each of these two lectures were also very interesting and imparted and deepened my knowledge. As the time went by very fast, I decided to gather some information in the HR Services area. There was a special zone called „Arbeitswelten.HR“, in which the most innovative ideas and concepts for a new work environment were presented:

Ground Plan Zukunft Personal 2016 Köln

Source: http://www.zukunft-personal.de/fileadmin/Zukunft-Personal/Logos_Arbeitswelten-HR/Zukunft-Personal_Arbeitswelten.HR.jpg

It was even possible to test all products and solutions. One could find trampolines for a new working place (www.bellicon.com/de), terminals with smileys which measure the happiness (or unhappiness) (www.happy-or-not.com/de) of your employees or an application for a digital support process of each employee from onboarding to change management process (www.manilab.de).


The end is just the beginning

All in all, the conference was a huge platform to meet new people and collect a lot of new impressions for the further working life. The „Zukunft Personal“ gave me the opportunity to gather new trends and ideas of the future human resource policy and an overview about current topics in the HR world. As it was the first conference of this character for me, it was surely much input. Nevertheless, it was a pleasure to visit this conference, which definitely broadened my horizon. With this in mind – see you next year ?

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